Tyne Bridge Tips

Having taken the last drag off your post-dancing fag, do not drop the glowing butt down a drain hole without checking first that the contents are wet. Do not do as Sue did at Bede’s World Museum and drop it down a drain hole full of dried rose leaves - which then smoulder and send up smoke signals. If you happen to do so- do as she did and have a 2 litre bottle of water handy to douse the flames.


When dancing out it is useful to have bottles of water to take refreshing swigs from between and after dancing (and to extinguish small conflagrations). But if they are carbonated, and have been jogging about in your backpack, be sure to warn fellow dancers BEFORE they open them and soak themselves and the surroundings. (Sue again)


Always remember your collecting buckets. We got 3 weeks practice room rent at Durham Folk Party mainly thanks to Stan "the man" Otterburn who picked ours up and (quite illegally) went soliciting tourists with it.


Keep all the safety pins they give you with your dry cleaning. Put them on one big pin and pin it to your kit bag- or discreetly on to your kit. Someone at a dance out is bound to need at least one and you’ll have a friend for life.


If your tights (or any other garment) feel loose before dancing they WILL slide down/off. The law of gravity will then conjoin with Sod’s law to ensure the most embarrassing garment will come off at the most crucial moment in the most public place. So find the keeper of the pins and pin them up before you dance.


When you have lost 10 lbs in weight in 3 months it is inadvisable to come to practice in trousers with an elasticated waist. However high and often you pull them up before a dance they will ride down, and your hands will be encumbered with sticks and or garlands.  Whilst other dancers may be amused, and take bets with themselves on just how much of yourself will be exposed, they are supposed to be concentrating on the dance. Which most find hard enough without fleshy distractions

© D W Bennett 2018